About us

The ESSA s.r.o. was established in June 1992 by the employees of the service of NC and CNC control systems together with the employees of the development of optoelectronic incremental encoders from former state enterprises ZPA KŘIŽÍK and LARM.

The employees of ESSA s.r.o. have more than 20 years of experience with the development and manufacturing of linear and rotary encoders and analyzing units.

The products of ESSA s.r.o. are of robust construction, suitable for use not only in the area of machining tools, but, in general, wherever measurement of the length, turning angle or speed is needed.

The products of ESSA s.r.o. streamline work and increase productivity by 16% on average.

The basis of the business success of ESSA s.r.o. is our customer-friendly approach, very short delivery periods and high quality, not only of our products, but of all activities in ESSA s.r.o.

In addition to the short delivery periods and high quality, the employees of ESSA s.r.o. seek to satisfy customers also by means of top-class installation of our products and high-quality and quick servicing. In addition, the price/performance ratio and warranty periods are very favourable.

The quality standard is confirmed every year by the renewal of the ISO 9001: 2008  certificate with MOODY INTERNATIONAL.

Since 2000, ESSA s.r.o. has held the title of RELIABLE COMPANY, included in the SOLVENT COMPANY register. In 2012, ESSA s.r.o. received the A Creditwothy award, which is a strong, independent rating of firms and companies with a history dating back to 1908.